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What You Need to Know as a Buyer

Finding the right Commercial/Investment Property or Business requires time, effort and expertise. If LANDMARK COMMERCIAL LTD, hereinafter called Broker, doesn’t have a listing that suits your needs, consider us to represent you as a Buyer. Let a full time professional seek out the property or business that you desire. Buyer’s needs are best served by using a professional with extensive training, experience and contacts such as we offer - to focus on your needs - not only to find the right property or business, but possibly to negotiate on your behalf to fashion a desirable transaction.

We offer two types of representation, CUSTOMER and CLIENT:

As a CUSTOMER we only ask that you formalize the relationship so we understand your wants and needs and you understand what we can and cannot do for you. You are a customer and not a client, sellers will be our clients as they will pay our fees. We will make an effort to fulfill your requirements and treat you with fairness, but neither you nor we have any specific commitment to meet on behalf of the other, except as may be defined by a future transaction that may develop out of the relationship.

As a CLIENT you will be responsible for a fee. However, your total cost of any acquisition may well be lower in this type representation. In addition to identifying target investments, we will negotiate with Sellers and/or Sellers' Agents on your behalf. Many of the most successful acquisitions come from businesses that are not listed for sale - we will seek these out for you. And we will credit your fee dollar for dollar for all commissions received from any other source for a transaction closed on your behalf.  As your representative, we will work with you to understand and meet your investment goals.  We will use the resources at our disposal to find the right property or business for you.

We offer two types of CLIENT REPRESENTATION:

OPEN CLIENT REPRESENTATION is a form of client relationship for serious buyers who do not wish to be totally committed. It is a contract relationship between Buyer and Broker whereby Buyer agrees to pay Broker a commission based on specific performance, but without exclusivity.

EXCLUSIVE CLIENT REPRESENTATION is the most efficient and cost effective way for the serious investor to buy. This form of relationship includes a small retainer fee but a smaller commission than the Open Buyer relationship. It is a commitment of exclusivity and your wants become a priority on our time, efforts and expertise.

Videos for Business Buyers

BRINGING BUYERS AND SELLERS TOGETHER. Click HERE for a 30 second video of why and how LANDMARK COMMERCIAL can help.

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