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Presentation, Marketing & Representation

Choosing the right organization and/or individual to represent you and present your business and/or property to the market represents an important decision on your part. Each business is unique and requires special knowledge to thoroughly understanding the value of the offering, and to be able to reach the appropriate market. LANDMARK COMMERCIAL LTD does this for you through expertise, experience, extensive contacts, modern communication technology, and a high level of enthusiasm.

We bring an extensive background of academic training and practical experience in, Financial Analysis, Business Management, and Commercial/Investment Real Estate to serve your needs. We provide aggressive marketing through our web site and other Internet listing services. We utilize targeted direct mail and Email promotion using our extensive contact database. And, networking with business owners, investors and other professionals through membership in local, regional, national, and international organizations further enhances our development of qualified leads for the sale or exchange of your Business or Property.

Not only is each business unique, but so are the needs of the individual or group that wishes to sell. Our marketing plans are formulated to suit you, the Client, including, when desired, anonymity of principals and/or generic promotion until confidentiality documents are executed. We are prepared to provide the kind of brokerage, consulting and referral services as may be appropriate to your business or property and to aggressively reach out to local, regional, national and international markets.

Tax-Deferred Selling

No one likes to pay taxes, even when receiving the favorable capital gains treatment levied on the sale of an investment. And, while death and taxes may be inevitable, there is an opportunity within the law to defer taxes on certain investment gains until another day. The rules to do so are stricter than they are complex, so adherence to details is critical. The many names used to describe these rules all refer to the same U.S. Government's IRS Code Section 1031 and can be summarized as follows:

No gain or loss shall be recognized on the exchange of property held for productive use in a trade or business, or for investment, if such property is exchanged solely for property of a like-kind which is to be held either for productive use in a trade or business or for investment.

Section 1031 is a valuable procedural tool for all investors to consider - it allows for the deferring of taxes, thus providing more current dollars to reinvest. It is a legalized strategy for "trading up" by using before tax dollars.

The most common form of Section 1031 exchange is the Third Party Exchange. It is so named because it allows for a "third party", with no financial interest in the transaction, to act as an "Intermediary". By use of this strategy an investor can qualify for the tax deferral advantage without the need for any simultaneous transfer or exchange into other investments. The window to identify a new investment or even multiple investments opens after the sale is finalized.

All too frequently investors, because of the strict rules of compliance required, ignore this strategy. LANDMARK COMMERCIAL LTD is ready, willing and able to assist and advise you. The additional cost of following the IRS rules is minimal and is returned many fold in terms of current investment dollars available to make a subsequent investment.

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