Landmark CommercialNon-Disclosure Agreement

LANDMARK COMMERCIAL LTD is a brokerage firm that matches Buyers and Sellers of Businesses & Real Estate. We are obligated to treat all parties with honesty, but as an agent or subagent of the Seller our fiduciary obligation is to that party and our dissemination of sensitive information is limited to those who submit a non-disclosure agreement (this document) and agree to show evidence of financial qualification to consummate a transaction.

In consideration of LANDMARK COMMERCIAL LTD providing information regarding the potential purchase of a Business and/or Real Estate, the undersigned agree that:

  1. Any and all information exchanged or disclosed in connection with a specific Seller, Business, or Property shall be treated as confidential, including any such information obtained prior to the date of this agreement. Information, as described herein, shall include the name of the Business or Real Estate, the location, the ownership, the fact that it is for sale, and any other related data.
  2. No contact will be made with any employee, supplier, contractor, customer, or owner of the respective Business or Real Estate, without the express consent of LANDMARK COMMERCIAL LTD.
  3. No third party disclosures shall be made by signers of this agreement, except to business, legal, or financial advisors, in which event the signers shall request their agreement to maintain confidentiality.
  4. An individual signing for a partnership, corporation, LLC, etc., shall do so with the full authority to bind those he/she represents to the terms of this agreement.
  5. All inquires correspondence, negotiations, offers, etc., relating to a purchase or lease will be presented through LANDMARK COMMERCIAL LTD.
  6. LANDMARK COMMERCIAL LTD is not responsible for the verification or accuracy of disseminated Information. Parties entering into a contract for the purchase or lease of business assets or real property agree to rely on their own independent verifications and due diligence to determine the accuracy of all information. It is expressly agreed to indemnify and hold harmless LANDMARK COMMERCIAL LTD and its Agents from all claims and damages for all decisions to enter into a contract based on the accuracy, completeness, or lack thereof, of any and all information.
  7. The party or parties hereto, as a result of this Agreement and related discussions, negotiations, disclosures, etc., shall have NO obligation to reach any agreement, NO obligation to execute a contract, and NO limitation on becoming involved with others for the purpose of leasing or purchasing other businesses or real estate. But, If no transaction occurs the party or parties hereto agree to promptly return all related materials received from the Seller or from LANDMARK COMMERCIAL LTD.
  8. The party or parties hereto and those they represent or with whom information is shared in accordance with this Agreement, acknowledge and confirm that any negotiations to procure a business or real property listed below, or added at a later date, shall be done through LANDMARK COMMERCIAL LTD, and that LANDMARK COMMERCIAL LTD shall be recognized as the agent or sub-agent of the Seller for any completed purchase transaction during the listing period or within two years thereafter. I understand if I interfere in any way with LANDMARK COMMERCIAL LTD's contractual right to a fee from the Seller, that I may be personally liable for that fee.

The individual providing the data below and submitting this
states, without reservation, that it has been read and understood, and agrees to comply with its terms and conditions:

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